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To my husband Mark Tickner without whose navigational instinct and love the journey would be the lesser, my son Ted, wise vast soul whose presence is the greatest Gift of all, and my parents, artists of high degree, Anita Rezevska and Antony Symons.  Jeremy Ball for the vision of Transformational Tours providing doorways to lands beyond time, Marietta van der Werff and Janet Johnson midwives and medicinewomen of ancient degree, Linda Tucker Global White Lion Protection Trust wisdomwoman who walks this life shining Light and courage for us all, Baba Mandaza Kandemwa - Elder, Teacher and Leader of the heart most deep, Cynthia Jurs founder of the Global Earth Treasure Vase Project, and the Grandmothers and women met through the journey of Purnululu, Australia.  Earth Treasure Vase custodians Magi Whisson and Eva Iken whose deep love and commitment to the path of soul is a well unending.  SiSter Jax Smith shining by my side across Lands and Sky, and each of my other MoMs SiSters who, whether near or far far away, continue to light up my heart with courage & joy.

Long-standing & abiding friends – Annie North woman of earth and sea and one who walks beside ever always keeping me steady, Lorne Parker-Doyle Seer & haiku wordsmith incarnate, Robyn Stone through pen and eye your senses so clear thank you for your constancy of compassion and knowing, and Chris Cole your steadfast presence.  Sue Lintern Sister-flame traversing All, Nerida Oberg upon whose bookshelf Mystery of the White Lions lay, Savanna Storm Wild One iridescent, Minmia woman of Nungeena-tya and ancient lore, Vyvyen Durrani whose wisdom & heart of endurance is inspiration, Andy Toohey for creative vision & photographic excellence, Kym Stewart for arriving just when grounding clarity was needed, and each and all whose presence in my life whether long or brief, present or past, as friend or client, has enriched, uplifted, taught and gifted me.

Zenta Gabrielle Zebergs

Zenta acknowledges the culture and presence of the Original People, the Ancestors, Elders & traditional Custodians of this Land, Australia.