White Lions of Timbavati is an Initiative dedicated to raising awareness and funds in support of the White Lions of Africa, through the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and Linda Tucker Foundation.


Founded in 2002 by conservationist Linda Tucker, the WLT www.whitelions.org is a registered NPO/Public Benefit Organisation situated in the UN-designated Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.  The work of the WLT focuses on the importance of the White Lion as a unique cultural and conservation heritage, whilst maintaining mutual benefit for Lions Land and People.  Multi-level projects combine cutting-edge science with ancient Indigenous knowledge – providing a leadership model that upholds sustainable living based on restoration of ecosystems and human value systems.


With every purchase of a StarLion Print or T-shirt 20% is gifted to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in support of Lands, Lions and People.


* Upon receipt this giftfund is be independently and solely managed by the Global White Lion Protection Trust and the Linda Tucker Foundation.

through the Light of the Sun, the Lionheart is born
through the Light of the Sun you call us Home

White Lions Of Timbavati

For the Shangaan people of South Africa, the White Lions are Sun Gods whose origin from the stars as Royal Ancestors ensure the balance of land and people.  To kill a White Lion is an ultimate sacrilege that endangers both humanity and all of Creation.

White Lions are regarded since Old Africa as great teachers and protectors of all that is in alignment with the sovereignty and dignity of all sentience.


As a genetic rarity of Panthera leo White Lions occur in only one region on earth - Timbavati - the place where the StarLions came down, and it is at Timbavati where Linda Tucker was handed the title Keeper of the White Lions by Shangaan Lion Queen and shaman woman, Maria Khosa, from whom Linda received training for this role for over ten years.


Through this transfer of responsibility, and in the face of the ‘canned’ trophy hunting industry and other contributing factors which have brought the White Lions to the brink of extinction in the wild in only the last three decades, Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust with the intent of reclaiming freedom, the right to live, and the right of return to ancestral homelands for these most revered and now endangered lions.


Carriers of both mystical and ecological significance for the lands and people of Africa through all time reaching back to before the Sphinx, the White Lions stand as so many species do at a place of urgent need for our protection so they are able to continue their role of protection for all else within the weave of balance, for both humanity and the environment that is our shared home.


At this time of unparalleled global complexity, the spirit and embodiment of the White Lions call out for LionHearted Leadership and restoration of humanity’s dignity and wisdom so we might better serve one another, our beloved Mother Earth and all her creatures.

Every purchase of a StarLion Print or T-shirt contributes toward Zenta’s giftfund in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and the Linda Tucker Foundation, with the vision of ensuring White Lions across the globe are given protection and recognition as endangered species and ultimately returned freedom to live and thrive on their ancestral homelands of Timbavati, the place where the StarLions came down.

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