Lioness of Light Oracle Within

Zoom Journey



Please enjoy watching the Welcome video below!


Each of the additional 17 Journey Sessions (recorded as Live Zoom sessions in 2020) can be watched on my YouTube channel Zentaimprints

Through the  Lioness of Light Oracle Within Journey

I invite you to join me as we deepen into remembering our sovereignty in union as both an inner state of being and a way of living in greater oneness with the All.


Each Zoom session (recorded live in 2020) is an immersion into one of the 17 key themes of the Lioness Light oracle deck and completes with a guided meditation – bringing you into deeper contact with the ground of your own Oracle within.

"Absolutely loving what Zenta is offering in sharing her weekly Lioness of Light Oracle Within meditations. 

Her Authenticity, Integrity, Love and Wise Woman Medicine Wisdom is Deeply and Sacredly Profound. 

I've personally received Huge Blessings and connective synchronicities through the Zoom sessions.  Joy and Bliss..!


I am very excited about her unique artistry Oracle Cards coming out and using them as a Healing Tool."

- Julie Raines