Lioness of Light Oracle Within

Free Zoom Journey


Please enjoy watching my Welcome Introduction video below and each of the Journey Sessions as they unfold from 1 - 17 each week

Through the journey of the Lioness of Light Oracle 

I look forward to your joining me as we deepen into the heart of the divine feminine – remembering our sovereignty in union as both an inner state of being and a way of living in greater oneness with the All -

most especially as we transition into the Age of Leo / Aquarius


Each Zoom session will be an immersion into one of the 17 key themes of the Lioness of Light Oracle and complete with a guided meditation – bringing you into deeper contact with the ground of your own Oracle within.


Once a week every Wednesday beginning

26th August – 16th December 2020 - 9am AEST

(Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney - Australia)


each session is approx. 30 minutes duration

If you are unable to attend live a replay link will be sent each week for you to
watch in your own time.

If you have joined after the 26th August please enjoy watching any sessions you may have missed!


To register, simply click here and send me an email with your full name.

Once you have registered, a link will be sent a day or two prior to each Zoom.

Welcome Introduction......

Session 1 - Sitting with the Grandmother

Session 2 - The Sun - One Within

Session 3 - Riding Skyhorse

Session 4 - StarLion

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