through the Light of the Sun, the Lionheart is born
through the Light of the Sun you call us Home

StarLion T-Shirt

For the Shangaan people of South Africa, the White Lions are Sun Gods whose origin from the stars as Royal Ancestors ensure balance of land and people.  To kill a White Lion is an ultimate sacrilege that endangers both humanity and all of Creation.

Founded in 2002 by conservationist Linda Tucker, author of Mystery of the White Lions, Saving the White Lions and Lionhearted Leadership, the WLT is a registered NPO/Public Benefit Organisation situated in the UN-designated Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.


The work of the WLT focuses on the importance of the White Lion as a unique cultural and conservation heritage, whilst maintaining mutual benefit for Lions Land and People


As a genetic rarity of Panthera leo White Lions occur in only one region on earth – Timbavati – the place where the StarLions came down, and it is at Timbavati where Linda Tucker was handed the title Keeper of the White Lions by Shangaan Lion Queen and shaman Elder, Maria Khosa.


StarLion was painted after waking from the dream of a lion cub, having no idea at the time, nor in my wildest dreams imagining I would later that year journey to Africa and indeed meet the StarLions and walk their homelands of Timbavati.

Truth can be stranger than fiction, and many life-changing events were to follow.

As contribution toward raising awareness for the Freedom of White Lions and the work of Linda Tucker, the StarLion painting has been printed onto T-Shirts - which are now available for sale on the lands of Timbavati in South Africa - the place where the StarLions came down - with all proceeds going to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust.


The StarLion calls out…. We share, each and all, Sovereign right of return to freedom.  Remember!  The Infinite Heart of Creation moves within All!  Arise and be the Light within my eyes!