StarLion Opening....

Her gaze holds and renews across grassy plains, continents, time and the nebula of constellations...

When she first came to me as a lion cub sitting at the feet of a woman, in a dream on the 9th April 2016, I had no idea how this, our meeting in the dreaming, would change my life. Nor how later that same day, during a meditation facilitated by Nerida Oberg, the words Amun Mehit, repeated through the soundpresence of a circle of Golden Light Beings whose bodies merged to become a spinning wheel surrounding me, would take on such depth of meaning almost two years later.

At the time neither Amun nor Mehit meant anything to me. I had experienced them as sounds, not words. Though I did wonder that Amun sounded surely like the origin of the work Amen...?

When I later researched the sound/word Mehit, the only information I found at the time indicated it had been an ancient term for the Lion Goddess of Ancient Egypt - Sekhmet. This was exciting enough as it became the next thread gifted from my dream of the lion cub that lead me to journey to Africa - to Zimbabwe and Timbavati - the place where the StarLions came down - travelling with the energies of the Meridian of First Time, the Golden Zep Tepi - first introduced to me through Linda Tucker's book Mystery of the White Lions.

And so it was that a thread was woven that as I continued to hold it, delicate and elusive as it often was, a tapestry of continuous layering of unfoldment began to emerge.

It was later that Ptah activated a deeper revelation of Mehit (perhaps she has many more names than this?) and her role as the Great Feminine who has held this planet as the body of her Womb and in Sacred Marriage with the Masculine.

Through my experiences of Ptah's Sound/Voice She has spoken that she is Rising up from the deep earth - releasing the task/role that has been her Purpose - and giving it over to Us.

As she Releases and Ascends she gifts us with ascension of our own consciousness and that of the planet. For we are each That Which She Is - each a tiny spark of Her Light, Her Body, that can awaken as She, like a wash of Light Returns back to Source.

When Ptah, or what I can only consider an aspect of Ptah, blew his breath into my body on 7th March 2018 (a most unexpected experience), saying he was rising and awakening again, and later took me into the head of the Lion - the Sphinx, whom I experienced as 'female within the male', it was the beginning of a new understanding of the visceral synergy we share with the transpersonal and numinous realms of All of Creation.

At the time I had no proper 'knowledge' of who, or what exactly Ptah was.... but through research and synchronistic pathways of receiving 'information' I now understand a little of his role as one of the Ancient Egyptian Neteru.

At first I was unsettled, and certainly almost suspicious, wary of 'interventions' into my psyche that at that point in time I had no context for, no grounding of relevance that made sense. If it serves no purpose that can be directly related to the living of daily Life, then I wanted no part in it.

But as my experiences through Ptah have continued to gift me with insights that enhance other than contract my world and my understanding of all that we are Held by in this Great Mystery, I am now able to receive and listen with Grace in my heart and a commitment to follow the trail.

One fascinating unfoldment of connectivity is recently coming across an article by Robert M. Schoch regarding the Lioness Mehit titled The Great Sphinx: She was the Lioness Mehit who Guarded an Ancient Archive... 'The Hall of Records'...

Is this part of what She is about to release as she completes her sacred mission, held for Time Immemorial - gifting us now with her Ascension so that we too are uplifted in our Awareness and Light and truly able to embody Gold in its purest form - Love for All Creation and knowledge of our Oneness?