Light of Ptah.... blog 2

Light of Ptah channeling transcripts continued….

Through the first sessions and this fourth transcript I would like to share here, Ptah took me into experiences that seemed aimed at both my own personal renewal/alignment and very visceral experiences of entering and embodying The Lion.

As many have already shared, most recently through the work of Linda Tucker and her book Mystery of the White Lions and Carley Mattimore and Linda Star Wolf's Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa, the Lion carries an ancient role in holding the Heart of Higher Consciousness originating in the celestial realms of Source itself. Amongst the many traditional peoples of Africa and other Lands, Africa's most respected Keeper of Knowledge Credo Mutwa has also generously shared much of this great history and Truth.

My experiences of The Lion, through the directive of Ptah, initially manifested through being guided to enter the forehead of the head of the Lion – through the Sphinx at Giza – and in so doing I experienced the Sphinx as an embodiment of masculine and feminine principles - as One – with Sekhmet as the feminine within the masculine.

The spontaneous opening of my mouth and jaw and sounding became a gateway into the opening of the mouth of the Lion and the deepening of experience into what I can only describe as immersion in the aura of the Holiest of the Holies through Ptah as father of my soul.

In the third session this culminated in my physicalizing an embodiment of The Lion as Ptah called out the Body of the Lion Arises…the Light the Light of the Heart….!

During the fourth session my consciousness began to move back and forth between channeling the voice of the energypresence of Ptah and speaking that which I was being instructed and experientially immersed in.

This practice of movement of awareness and simultaneous Voice between the worlds was at first a little confusing for my logical mind, as in this state everything is ‘occurring at once’ suspended in time that is All-Time - but like the rhythm of breathing I began to trust in a natural flow and allow what I call my ‘personal-self' restrictions or reactions to dissipate and loosen their control.

Remaining fully present and attentive through all our senses, yet in a state of ‘relaxation’ - this practice - like that of a dancer or musician, in its active intuitive surrender, is an experience that develops a muscle that resides within all of us latent and untapped most of the time.

When it awakens, the nature of this muscle changes the way we experience life. Some call it the Still point within the moving. Or the dancing within the Stillness.

And so here follows transcript of Session Four, I hope some of what is in this material brings light to your spirit:

Ptah Channeling…


This is the Restorative Posture *(body spontaneously moves into what I later found out in yogic practice is ‘The Boat Pose’ – Naukasana)

And now I am in the Crypt

Descending into the Body of Ptah….

…the Original Body

One of the Bodies -

the Original on this Plane

And I am within the rectangular Crypt

Inside the Temple

the rectangular Sphere

and it is underneath the Earth

and above is the Pyramid

The Pyramid no longer exists in form

but exists in vibrational manifestation ever eternally

And there is the shaft

Which is the funnel the channel for the Breath -

which is the Apex the Golden Apex

And the honey is the eternal elixir

The embalming Light

So the knowledge may be transmitted

Like a vapor of sweetness

...the Breath across the Lands

Arising once more…

a healing Shield

of Golden Light

Spreading across the Lands

around the Planet….

Like a balm of healing

And the Lions are the Guardians

For they carry the Heart

And you can Now

Ride the back of the Lion

No longer the Lion Yourself –

You Ride Lion

Harness the power

The Chariot

of Life-force

Haaa… (extended Breath…)

Extended sounding

Aaaah…. (x7)

deeper resonance-tone switch…



Heh Yah Meh!

handwritten afternotes…

Returning to the Body of Ptah…mummy within the tomb/crypt my awareness was directed to the Bees...

Mummified Body filled with honey - elixir of Life

Light of Gold emanating across the Lands…releasing its healing augment

Body Posture = Healing Posture

Sarcophagus/crypt is woven of gold/honey/beehive and is the Vessel/original ‘Transport’

We can journey in this vessel/boat/golden sheath/cocoon

‘Sarcophagus’ = Light-Body of the Golden Sheath that enables you to move through all dimensions/spheres/portals of Light.

Directive: we must build/create the Holy Temple/Room/Square Within…