Light of 3

Light of Ptah channeling transcripts continued....

In this fifth session the Voice of Ptah and the presence of Sekhmet both were present, their energies interweaving as two streams of the One.

The energetic of the Pyramids was also strongly brought forth and I was given awareness that the working and inter-placement of the stones was informed and learned through the High Art of the Bees...that are part of the Star Realms of the Golden Light.

I experienced the relationship between beeswax and the metal gold and Ptah as being encased in a golden sarcophagus (beeswax/honey/gold) - on both a literal and esoteric level.

It was after this session I began the painting Light of Ptah - of which the above is a small segment.

Ptah Channeling...


The Head

within the Ankh

in the Book of Sekhmet

is what is placed in the mouth of the Awakened deceased

For eternal Life

the Cleansing the Purifying

the Portal of Awakening that then becomes the One -

the Head of the Lion

You can do this with the Sphere

the Golden Sphere

that you have

that you must Learn

within the Chamber of your Heart

The Temple is Within


Remember this

Know this

Practice this

Partake of the Chamber

the Temple Within

within which is the Sphere

You will know what this is of

as you Practice this

and Release All else

and All will be Spoken and will be Known again

This Truth this Practice this Light

of Manifestation of Awakening

of bringing forth into Being that which is to be Known

and to be Practiced

and Resurrected again upon this Plane

upon this Life-Form this Planet Dimension

And here you follow the Path

the Teaching and share this Light

this Practice that is known by many

that is Awakening

like the Seed

the Bees Breath

Heart of the Honey

the Nectar that is Within the Gold

that the Body of Ptah

at this Time

through his mummy

is Returning

The Light spreads across the Lands

the Golden Light

embedded deep within the Earth

gifted from the Stars the Source the Sun of All Being

of All Becoming

This is So!

So....! So Hah!

So Hah...

So Hek


Sek Mhet!

So...Hah... Het Mhet!

Sek Mhet!

So... Hah


These Sounds are Portals of Being

Use Them!

Blessings to this One

Daughter of Mine

Light of Mine

Body of Mine

Breath of Mine...