Light of Ptah... blog 4

Light of Ptah channeling transcripts continued....

This session unfolded through several phases as a new Voice emerged to speak - deepening further the ancient relationship between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine...with the suggestion that an aspect of the ancient Sacred Feminine...She was part of Birthing the ascending at this Time (or has already ascended) in order for the New Age to begin - and that many of us are Seeds/Strands of Her Light in this Time of Transition as She Leaves...gifting us with a new birth as she returns to Source.

Her names were spoken backwards from Menhet...but it was also spoken that these names are residues of Her Older Name...

So I begin this blog with two abbreviated excerpts of the first phase followed by a complete transcript of the last phase :

Ptah channeling....

Session Six 23.6.2018

First phase excerpts:

I keep seeing the Old Pyramid...She's the Old One.. the Old One...She's worn away now...that's like the Old Country...and underneath....the City...

And that's where the Old Bones the Old Sarcophagus lays...through which Ptah was Born and through which he Died and through which he is now diffusing his Light again...the Liquid Gold..the Honey Bee...the nectar the Light of the Sun...


Who is speaking now? (Valerie asks)

A Wife of Ptah...and yet the Wife is the Mother...of Ptah...the Wife the Mother of the Beginning...and the Mother becomes the Wife to begat the Lands and the Children...that is the Wife that is Remembering...Letting go through her Body that which She has had to Hold...and that She can now Release because She is now able to Return... to leave this World this Task...

for Her job is complete...and it has been a long time Holding and yet no Time at all...and of course aspects of her Light are Forever remaining in the Womb of Light this Planet Earth...And the new is Born safe now to begin its Life...another Life upon and within and around the Lands of this Planet...this Sphere of embodied Love that is its Destiny to finally Know.

Last phase transcript:

I am becoming aware of the Nile

and the Waters are Rising

The Blue Waters


The Waters are Rising

The Blue Waters

the Light

Of the Blue Lotus

The Waters of Life are claiming the Lands

the liquid Light of Gold

is spreading beneath and above the Waters

that are Rising unto the Light

Spreading across the Lands

Claiming once more the Body of Light

that this Earth

this Planet

this babe this womb-seed of Light

is to Become once more

The Cleansing of the Body...

The Blue Waters

Hark the Ibis

and those of the Water

they will show you

They take us to the Shore the edge of the Water

the Reeds bow before the Rising Waters

of the Blue Light

Do not be afraid

as that which is held sacred

seems to disappear beneath the Waters

For All is held in the Akashic Records

of the Seeds that which you Are

The Body made Flesh

The Flesh to Water to Light

Deep Deep beneath the Earth

Towers of Stone...

that which is held beneath is kept

and when the Time is right

it is released through the Bodies of those

who hold the Light of the Akashic Records

whose own Bodies are held within the Sinew

Of that Beneath

As Above So Below

It is One


Behold the Joy

Behold the Liquid Gold That You Are

That We Are

Sovereign Beings

the Royal Lineage

Rejoice Do not be afraid

For you are a Life

Rejoicing Unto Itself

Claim this Joy

And See! the Claw (right side arm/hand raised itself to become a bird ‘Claw’)

breath cycle…

She points the Way

Ancient Mother

Nekhbet Mother Mut!