Eve and the Serpent...blog 5

Light of Ptah channeling transcripts continued....

A few days prior to this session I experience a dream of the Sound of Eve.

Laying on the ground face down and naked, my body spontaneously takes the posture of Dhanurasana (the Bow Pose in yoga) as a succession of sound emitted as a word that I viscerally recognise as the Sound of Eve (representative as the first woman) courses through me, repeating, repeating. I cannot stop this act of sound nor cover my naked body even though I am aware there are other people around.

The sound, the word Eve (and yet it is not the word as we know or say it in these times) releases through my throat like an arrow of energy in the form of a cube - from the center of a four-chambered resonance of sounds occurring simultaneously that I can only describe using ancient Greek terms as a force of chthonic agonia.

It feels as if the name and word of Eve, the original sacred female, is rising from primal time up through the earth.

Ptah Channelling

Session Seven 21.08.2018

Her Breath is the Wind

(my body spontaneously moves into form of Snake - with arms taking shape of ‘diamond head’)

She is the Snake -

Breath of Transformation

across all Lands

She Exists

That is why she has been calling you

Can you see Her Shape?

(hands take shape of downward pointing triangle at womb/pelvis (feminine) - and then change to the shape of the upward pointing triangle (masculine)

The Diamond is the One (meaning the conjoined shape of both triangles - masculine and feminine)

As Above So Below

Do not be afraid

this is the Serpent Power

within All

all Humanity

The Power is the Breath.

The upward pointing triangle - the Pyramid you might say, is the Masculine

and Eve is the downward pointing triangle -

in your world this (the downward pointing triangle)

has been created as the Form the Word

of Eve -

the Body - the skin that has been given -

embodied her Flesh

since Time began.

The Form of the Female, that which is under the earth

within the earth -

She is Rising

through the Light of Ptah -

the Masculine Form (upward pointing triangle)

His voice is the Light

And yet within is the Sekhmet! The Mehit!

Move into her body

Move into her body

Move into her body

For She is Rising


and All Shall Be Raised with Her

The Light

The Light!

The Rainbow Prism of Light

Is She

That is Her

The Rainbow Body!

Every thread and spectrum of Light...

For we are but a Prism

of scintillating brilliance

….. of Light itself……

Through this you will Return to your Source

Such does everything

And the Light rejoices

Unto Itself

For All