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Light of Ptah channeling transcripts continued...

The content of this most recent session has prompted me to skip sessions between this and the previous blog - and move directly forward to share an excerpt of Teachings of Hathor - transmitted in dialogue relating to Hatshepsut - one of Ancient Egypt's female Pharaohs.

The Voice of the Sacred Feminine - through the many forms She inhabits calls out to us to Resume Her Teachings and Uphold Her Practice - assisting us to re-birth our Planet and Consciousness to a state of Balance and move toward what we refer to as the Golden Age... So Within So Without. As Above So Below.

A journey we all share, embodied in each woman's unique way, as we continue to open ourselves to the power of the Heart and take up our Sovereignty for the greater Union and Equity of All.

Ptah Channeling...

Session Eleven 20.3.2019

I am standing on Egypt's sands with a Golden Pyramid behind & long pathway ahead leading to what seems to be Hatshepsut’s Temple – ending with a tall ‘keyhole’ Entrance.

I am in ‘processional ceremony’ with arms held upward in 'Hathor’s Pose' (symbolic of Cow Horns) carrying an ‘offering’ - upon a ceremonial cushion – I cannot see what is resting on the cushion.

Hathor’s Queen!

Queen of Hathor!

Hathor’s Gift!

Hathor’s Posture!

Praise Be Hathor!

Offerings to Hathor!

Queen Hatshepsut!

Offerings to the Mighty One

Priestess of Hathor

Raising her Light

Kingdom of the Queen Hatshepsut!


She wears the Crown!

What is the purpose of this Crown?

But to Imbibe and to Embody the Masculine and the Feminine

as the Sacred One.

This is the Teaching

This is the Practice

That has been sent from Embodied Light to Embodied Form

on this Planet

and Hatshepsut Sought - Seeks - to Know This

and to Impart This.

Not for the aggrandizement of the Self

as so many have misunderstood

but for the Holy of the Holies

and the Holiest of Holies.

Her face like the Holy Cow

The King of Queens.

Why do we do it Thus?

To Raise the Teachings of the Ancient Past

We know the past as ancient

but this is just the recent past

We seek to clear the disillusionment's

The misunderstandings the misinterpretations

of that which was the Holy Vessel.

Haa..t.. Tshep…Sut!




Seek the essence within the Sounds!

within the Words!

the Hieroglyphic Potencies of the Sounds…

the Vowels

between the doorways

the frames

that hold the essence.

Return to this

Seek not the outer trappings

The encasement

Let it fall away

Like cracked mud

which preserves the Liquid Gold

The Essence Within.

Mighty Queen

She sought to Hold to Embody the Teachings

of the Ancient Ones

The Female Lineage of Truth

The Sacred Truth

Embodied within the Masculine Form.

We are Speaking

Seeking to Speak this

To transmit this

Because this is needed Now.

For She is Rising through this again Now

Now is the Time for the Potency of the Feminine

through the Form of the Masculine

the Masculine holds and yet must not stifle

must not contract in armor

but to Hold with Honour and Respect

the Sacred Female Form Within -

The Pregnant Void which holds Life

and This Life is what enables All to continue

and to keep evolving so that Thus

This Golden Age can be manifest.

The Female Form Within

The Void

The Gold

The Liquid Gold that it is

must wear the Sacred Crown

and the Pharaoh's Beard

Once more.

And this is the Royal Oneness

the Royal Marriage that this Planet needs

and is embarking on

once more

But in its New Evolution.

See the Light

See the Light!

The Sacred Gold

The Honey of the Sacred Bees

She is Thus

Her Face must be Seen

To Speak

To Shine

And the Warrior - the King

Must Hold and Guard her Thus

The Sacred Akeru Brothers

The Lion Guardians

Holding Space for the Sacred Sphinx

Yes! the Akashic Records the Hall of Records

that She Is!

Do not be afraid

Of Her Light of Her Power

For it is the Power of All Union

of All Sovereignty

of Rejoicing

For All

None are excluded or diminished

If this is known and upheld and recognized.

You must all drink from Her Light

From Her Body -

You drink of your own Light

of your own Golden Light

You drink this from Her.

The She

Is One

The Sacred Marriage

This is the Sacred Teaching of Hathor.

As this One in this body

Is returned to her Royal Road of Service

Remembering the Sacred Task

Carrying upon the Sacred Cloth

the Offering

through the Gateway of Hatshepsut

which is merely a portal back into the Womb

The Sacred Void

The Sacred Temple Within

Which we each carry

Through the Portal of our Heart

and the Sacred Womb within.

Don’t be afraid to re-enter this dark space

Which is Liquid Light

It is not dark filled with shadow or obstruction or fracture or evil

It is the Royal Sacred Space

Wherein the Magic the Gestation occurs.

The transmutations

the body and All the bodies

return to the sacred waters

of Light Within the Temple

And can thus re-emerge through the Opening

Bringing forth this new matrix of consciousness and understanding

Form re-formed.

And as this is shared

The elixir like the pollen



made sweet through the use of All the Senses

the taste touch smell

the Hearing the Imbibing -

Thus we Remember

We are able to show you

Remind you

Re-Member you

How this is done

And this is needed to be done at this time

This message is for you all

Each and every one.

And thus it is that at this Time

Those buried deep within the earth

Through the remnants of their bodies that have

been embalmed and mummified

are diffusing this Liquid Light

The Liquid Gold this Honey

This Sacred Elixir

Diffusing Now

Energetically you might say

It is being released

And re-awakened

For this Time was ever imprinted at the Beginning.

It may seem a disintegration

however it is an infusing and a dispersement

of Divine Order

and that is why we speak of All the Senses

because you Breath it in even.

It is physical

It is not just imaginal.

This energy and memory and information

and Light of Awakening

is Physical

You are receiving it

Many are receiving it

Like honey spreading across the Lands

We repeat this phrase

For a reason

It is not just pure poetry

Learn this.