Voice of Pythia, Delphic toad and Gaia...

Gaia speaks to us in unlimited ways, announcing herself in any given form, often outside what we may sometimes expect. And this is what happened for me at Delphi, while walking with my temple and travelling SiSter through the grounds of the ancient Delphic Oracle site on a recent pilgrimage to Delphi, Athens, the Cycladic island of Syros, and finally, Crete.

The song of Pythia amidst the golden mountain grasses of Delphi resounded throughout our journey and time in Greece - the oracular voice of the sacred feminine presenting herself over and over, with upraised arms and tender softness - as this exquisite replica of one of the Minoan Goddesses from Crete evokes...

But first she presented herself in a form so many of us turn away from in disgust - that of a toad - sitting upon an ancient stone at the Delphic Oracle site - her eyes large spheres of light shining with love that mesmerized me.

I am here she seemed to say I have never left - rather it is that my presence has been overlooked through the cycles of recent time and the forgetting... See me now and know that the Pythia priestesses of Gaia are singing their return.

Arriving home from our Greek journey her message stayed with me and I would like to share a transcript section as spoken on 21st October - a small segment of a session I shall never forget - not only for the content but also, once my body spontaneously took up what I have come to call the cobra posture (supine), the breath-work I was given experience of - which seemed to provide opening of the portal beyond what I have previously known.

For me, akin with my meeting with the sacred toad, messenger of mother Gaia for rebirth - the message is replete with unconditional love and hope...for the restoration of All of Nature and how we know both her and ourselves.


Here is the space

the hallowed ground


Be quiet now and listen...

to the whispers of the wind

and the earth breathing...through ancient stone

...and ground

the hallowed ground of being...

Pythia speaks…

through her body

she releases the unbound

that she has held for eternity and more…of this realm.

This is the time for the releasing

so that the Voice might be free once more -

the sacred voice

the sacred presence and flow

of the energy of the Pythia…

the time to celebrate the completion…

the holding is no more

the voiceless… the damming of the sound and of the waters…

the damming of the waters of her body

the damming of the waters of her Joy of her ecstasy of her bliss

of her Seeing of her Knowing…of her Voice!

The body of the Serpent

the deep sacred Feminine…

The waters of Light the waters of Life

the waters of the flow…the Castalian flow


crystal waters…the life-giving waters

the light the star seed the quartz crystal within the waters…

she flows once more.

These waters are rising up through the earth once more

bubbling through the cracks…

It is time now for the crystal waters

to cleanse, purify, to wash with sacred light...star light…

the star seeds that they carry through

from the Pleiadean Source conjoined once more -

freed once more…

Her body has held…her body has been dammed -

and yet no more…

There is no judgement no recrimination -

this has been the order of the Divine

of the balance of the Above and the Below

of the greater Oneness

that most don’t understand…

and yet this is not necessary,

for the time is now the time is near the time is right

the time is So

and All that which Is, is unbidden

and comes regardless at its perfect timing.

The Divine Law and Oneness of the Sacred Mysteries

and the balance of the whole

and the Oneness of this planet

with its Mother

with its Mother countries

with its Mother Light…with its Mother Ships

with its Mother Origins…

and they rejoice and shine

and weep sacred tears of light…of water…

the tears fall upon the planet shining with gossamer sheen

birthing Her in the Love that which She Is

and so while all might seem to crumble and dissolve…dismantle…

and yet this is the Rebirth

the conjoining once more until the next phase

the Golden Light and Oneness…

the new annunciation has begun.

(Shift in Voice…)

Carrying and holding the part that you each carry

that which you each are…

seeds of Light of the One Matrix of Divine Order -

the human journey is so much more than you realise

and yet it is in the forgetting that this is cast –

the forgetting is needed to be in order for the remembering - restoration

to unfold through natural course or else this would not

have occurred… and yet it is contradictory.

Do not judge of yourself when you perceive limits or failures

to fulfill your sacred task - the seed the star seed that you carry

and that you are manifesting and bringing forth

through the fabric of your being.

All is in order.

And when your mind is fraught with the constraints and

the binds of the illusion of your forgetting

and the tensions that flail about you and within you...

the cords that connect you to others and their destinies and

their shared role in this unfolding…

remember, and return to the hallowed ground

and the space is there for you to draw breath

and continue.

None of this is without worth and cause

Have faith

Stay with this

Stay with this

Stay with this….

Pythia sings once more

She knows you.