Mother Earth.... Birthing Anew

On 21st October 2019 at what I thought was completion of the Voice of Pythia channeling, after a period of silence another voice came through with the cry of "Oh Mother, why have you forsaken me?"

At the time I had no context for the 'announcement' of this question - and was surprised by its powerful strong-felt emotion and intensity.

What did feel clear to me in that moment was that Mother was reference

for our planet. Mother Earth.

This question, that felt like a plea, was answered by the following - which

on this day, at this Time, I have decided to share:


This is the question held in the hearts of all

and yet it is the Mother who holds you....

the Birthing Ground.

The question is in reverse -

and yet it is held within the hearts

and the bodies

of so many on this Planet

but fear not -

the Mother

she is well

she is not forsaken

nor has been forsaken.

She is birthing you anew

as you birth her

restoring the love.

The love she has

and has had for you

has never been forsaken -

patient and forbearing

she is witness to All

her body enduring.

This Mother this planet

this hallowed ground

this paradise of love

she is here for each of you

and as the love you have for her is restored and freed

so she can gift and return

and offer you her love even greater.

So rejoice in her waters

rejoice in her soul

rejoice in her breath

her elements of air wind fire water ether

the crystals the metals plants the creatures animals

the feathered ones...

those of the sea the finned ones

those that crawl within the soil and above the soil

the fruits the flowers...

the Light she lets into her body

from the source of the Great Sun

and all the other celestial ones

with whom she is in constant relation and intimate embrace -

her body responding to the celestial spheres

the cosmic tapestry with which she is part of.

Symphonic harmony carried on those molecular energies

of invisible breath and oneness

resonance yes radio...

a cell a skin in contact with her environment -

the environment of the universe

the cosmos.

She herself is a Star -

she is birthing her true nature

in all its fullness.

So do not be afraid -

what is seen with closed eyes and dulled senses

is very small

a very contracted view.

When the senses and the eyes are fully open

the stillness and the song of universal wisdom...

then one sees and knows the vastness

the brilliance the hope and the beauty

that is unfolding at this Time.

And know that the suffering is held

and ultimately all will be freed

and liberated of their pain

and of the fracture and the trauma...

the great sorrow and the deep deep burden

that so many undergo and have undergone.

For this is not to be dismissed

and we honour you -

this is honoured for each of you

do not judge and dismiss your pain.

We hold you in love

and deep compassion

know the joy receive the joy

receive the Light

and your hearts will be soothed.

All returns to the purity

the pure Light

the exquisite love

Know this.

Sit on the ground

bathe in the sunlight

and touch the grasses

smell the herbs and the flowers

taste the wine taste the raisins taste the olives

allow yourself the full joy and delight of the senses

In Grace

(Image of Saule - Sun Goddess of Latvia - from Atrakta Debess by Jolanta Mackova illustrated by A Reines 1995 copyright)