Lioness of Light - Return of the Solar Feminine

Text channeled Monday 4th May 2020.

Lioness of Light painting completed 30 days later - 3rd June 2020 - coinciding with Sun/Venus Conjunct at 13 degrees Gemini and dedicated to Linda Tucker - founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

There is nothing to be afraid of

and the Star Realms they welcome you -

they welcome each of you

as you speak as you listen as you receive

the messages that we are seeking to impart

upon this planet at this Time.

Rest within yourselves

do not fear the vibrational changes that you are experiencing

that move swiftly through your bodies

through the vibrational portals that each of you are at this Time.

Knowing and sometimes not knowing -

feeling the compression the sensations of acceleration

that is moving through and upon this planet at this Time and beyond.

For you are connected through electrical circuits

a vibrational frequency

to the All that is arising and quickening through the celestial spheres -

the Solar Consciousness

the Logos that is emanating upon this Time

that has been decreed -

the quickening, the seeding, the vibrational attunement.

Starseeds indeed -

vibrating so radiantly

as you both receive, attune and transmit

this state of being that is now being called forth at this Time.

Ma Ra...

She holds space for this now

through you, through each of you

that are able to become fully present to this miracle of Light

that has become everpresent

and is the Source from which you each arise

and yet which you have forgotten - for this was meant to be.

But now the Light of the Sun

the Mother of the Sun

the Solar Feminine, is speaking and arising with full Royal Bearing

and this is not spoken out of some superiority of condescension -

this is spoken of High Degree of Natural Law -

when all is in order and aligned with true purpose

true consciousness

full Awakening.

And there are many of you that are being called forth

at this Time to fulfill your purpose

to speak thus

to transmit thus

and to embody this

because this is the way the path the conduit -

the physicality embedded on this planet.

It is not cerebral, ethereal -

it is both the physical and the celestial

the starlight embedded within the deeply seeded planet -

this womb that is re-birthing herself.

This is a Time of great sovereignty - this is true

and unto each of you, you become sovereign unto yourselves

and in this joining with one another

and all of Creation, we are raised together.

And this raising is not purely on the vertical plane

as some kind of hierarchy...

this is a full embodied spherical experience

that emanates from the center out

in all directions

in all spheres

and all planes.

Taking it in and giving it forth

taking it in and giving it forth

receiving it in and emanating, transmitting, giving it forth -

full wholeness and totality of being.

It is spherical in nature

and this is why the Sun -

Ma Ra

the Solar Logos

the Feminine Light

Lioness of Light

why she is here -

because she Is the Womb.

The Feminine is the sacred womb from which everything is birthed

and through which everything is served -

and this is why the Solar Logos is the Solar Feminine

at this Time now

as was decreed since the beginning -

that from which we have all arisen and that to which we are all returning.

Because this is the re-birth

and the birthing comes through the womb

and this is the divine female the Sacred Feminine.

This is not to dismiss or to deny the Sacred Masculine

for he is the Sacred Guardian

the holder of the space

of the structure... of the form... of the matter -

the Matter through which the Solar Feminine

is Born.

The breath of Ptah is the channel -

he holds the space.

The Sacred Masculine holds and protects

so that the Light of the Solar Feminine - the womb that births

can indeed birth in the great fullness

of our cosmic evolution.

And so the radiant Lioness of Light -

Ma Ra

that was birthed onto this planet

is now being truly taken up

and brought forth in all dimensions.

Her energy, which is a diminutive way of articulating this force - this Light of Creation that is re-awakening....and yet this is a word we use through you - Energy - for this word you can understand

and partake of and know because that is which you are -

why is it that this is occurring at this Time?

How is it so and what is it bringing forth, this great birthing of ascension,

re-ascension - back toward the future of full consciousness

knowing fully unto itself in all Light -

full Union that is expanding?

Our Universe, our systems of entire galaxies are expanding

and there is unity required at this moment

on such scale

for this expansion to fulfill itself.

As it expands - it Unites -

this is the Solar Logos

the Divine Feminine Solar Energy of this Time.

Because it is only, again I speak, through the great womb

that is the Divine Feminine, that this moment,

born of eons of timeless time, can be enacted -

and all can be brought into new evolution and resolution.

That which has become separated

fragmented, scattered, torn apart

is now being brought forth

yoking unto itself once more.

And so see, hold this golden yoke of Light,

of energy within yourselves -

bring it down through from the Sun

the central sun behind and beyond the sun that you know.

This Star she is a cradle

and she is an eye

and there is an eye behind the eye -

the great central sun that is in communion

and communication with All -

like a satellite bringing all vibrational frequencies

through her body

at this Time of re-birth.

So bring this Light into your bodies

into your hearts

into your lower chakras

through your entire system

of physiology... of meta-physiology.

Commune with this Light

and this Light will reveal all.

It is a felt experience

trust this

know this

Be this.

This radiance of Light

this is the gold

this yoke


take these words

they are seeds

let them imbibe within you.