Zenta's Story

Born in 1966 in Balmain, Sydney Australia, to artist parents, as a young woman I was often asked ‘and do you paint?’

An understandable question to which I always replied ‘No, I don’t’…. Until decades later when my path

in the creative and healing arts finally, though perhaps not surprisingly, included the visual arts.

First painting on stones, shaman drums and eventually canvas, my relationship with painting has always been an instrument for deepening into spirit - a personal need to give reflection to dreams and journeys - both inner and outer. 

Following these and other numinous threads, my awe for ancient mystery schools and the language of hieroglyphics and rock art as palpable living keys to sacred meaning has been evermore greatly enriched.

The visceral, physical act of engaging in creative process - entering realms of the poetic - can reveal unexpected truths.

Through the act of painting,  as in so many other mediums whether they be writing, music, dance or song,  we enter a continuum that reveals  All that is Known is alive and present – available to impart its essence like honey flowing across the lands which knows no boundary of time, place or form.  

I continue to be surprised and humbled by the experience of painting and grateful for having a medium through which I can explore my own personal journey and the greater Imprints of Spirit

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