Zenta's Story

First painting on stones, shaman drums and eventually canvas, my relationship with painting has always been an instrument for deepening into spirit - a personal need to give reflection to dreams, visions and journeys - both inner and outer. 

In recent years this has expanded to incorporate the experience of channeling the Breath of Ptah - through which voices of the re-arising Ancient Feminine speak of the changes unfolding upon our planet at this time - a few transcript excerpts of which are shared in my Blog and have been woven into more recent paintings such as Light of Ptah, Co-Creation, Gaia Upon the Stone at Delphi and Sovereignty in Union - 13th Sun.

My experience is that the visceral, physical act of engaging in creative process - what I term entering the realms of the poetic - can reveal unexpected truths as we enter a continuum that reveals that All that is Known is alive and present – available to impart its essence like honey flowing across the lands - knowing no boundary of time or place.

With the event of 2020 my paintings have taken new form through the birth of the Lioness of Light Oracle - a divination deck of 52 cards created to accompany us on the journey toward remembering our sovereignty in union and Oneness with All Creation.

Lioness of Light Oracle deck is not yet published however I am delighted to be able to offer the Lioness of Light Oracle Within Zoom Journey - which you can access on YouTube (see link on 'New Events' page) and Personal Sessions - also available via Zoom Worldwide.