The tradition and experience of art as a form of living energy reaches back to the birth of rock-art and hieroglyphics - humanity’s most ancient signature of communion and response to the mystery of Creation.

Guided by the imprint of spirit and realms of  inner story my paintings take form.

Each painting takes a period of weeks to months to complete, with every line, dot or mark built with many repeated strokes of white paint upon the yellow-ochre background.

Zenta's way of painting is indeed one of the powerful spirit-given gifts she is using. 

It is an ancient and powerful language rich in meaning that our modern world has forgotten. 

Thank you, mama, for sharing this great medicine.

~ Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa 

Peacemaker, Shaman and Traditional Healer, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Zenta’s artwork seems like it belongs to any and all ancient cultures.  It is outside names and places.

~ Bernadette Arena 


Inspired works that hold light and very powerful openers for the soul. ~ Dani Van de Velde 


Mythical yet humanly palpable. ~ Lorne Parker-Doyle


Zenta's paintings open the eyes of our heart that we might see and feel the Great Love of Creator and the gentle hand of the Master Weaver at work in our own lives.  ~ Janet Johnson 


Your work feels as though it reaches deep into my soul with love. ~ Jenny Mark 


I just LOVE your painting! It is so full of energy and carries such deep mystery, reverence and wisdom.

~ Marietta van der Werf

Zenta has a true gift for capturing the Essence of the ineffable. ~ Jax Goldhawk

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