Born in 1966, Sydney Australia, to artist parents, my life has always been imbued with creativity as a natural aspect of life.

First painting on stones, shaman drums and eventually canvas, my relationship with what I term entering the realms of the poetic is an instrument for deepening into spirit.  

As in the tradition of rock art – humanity’s most ancient signature of communion and response to the mystery of Creation,  through the journey of creative process we enter a continuum that reveals that all that is Known is alive and present... available to impart its essence like honey flowing across the lands - knowing no boundary of time or place.

Seeded through weavings of unbidden journeys and the gossamer threads of life that offer themselves to each of us if we only open to their presence, this personal creative continuum through painting gave birth in 2020 to the Lioness of Light oracle deck - initiated by a life-changing trip to Africa and a meeting with Lion Shaman and elder Baba Mandaza Kandemwa of Zimbabwe - known also as a Mhondoro - one who is in constant prayer on behalf of others - who after viewing my paintings and making the comment they held "good medicine" asked the question and what are you doing with this medicine, your paintings...?

Zenta's work is thought provoking and mystical.  For readers who are looking for a deeper more profound experience her work will take them there.

Lynn V Andrews - New York Times and Internationally best-selling author of 21 books including the well-known Medicine Woman Serieslynnandrews.com


Lioness of Light oracle deck Cards are astonishingly beautiful and full of symbolism and mystery.

They are an invitation to explore our inner realms - holding universal truths with

poetic nuance and practicality.

Lorne Parker-Doyle - Author/Poet

Lioness of Light oracle deck is a divination deck of 52 cards guiding us back into the radiant heart of ourselves as spirit embodied in matter - with each of the card illustrations and text drawn from 17 paintings painted from 2014 - 2020.

Through the continuing unfoldment of this journey I learn more of the ways of the threads of Divine Mystery that seeks to awaken and offer itself to each of us in unlimited manifold creative forms and voices.

It is my joy to share this with you - to inspire and support you in your own journey of discovery and claiming the livingness of your own sacred mystery - as we each walk the path of sovereignty in union back Home.

May all beings be held in the Light of Gold that is the Light of the Heart.


Personal Sessions, Audio Meditations and quality prints of each of the 17 paintings that comprise the Lioness of Light oracle deck are each available through my Store.

Through my blog I also share excerpts of channeled transcripts of Breath of Ptah and the Spectrum of Light Voices that form part of my experience, inspiring recent paintings and gossamer elements woven into the Lioness of Light oracle deck.

It will be with great joy I look forward to announcing availability of the Lioness of Light oracle deck for purchase!

In the meantime you can go to my YouTube channel Zentaimprints to watch any or all of the 2020 Lioness of Light Oracle Within Journey LIVE Zoom replay sessions.

Grounded in her personal journey and respect for global Indigenous and shamanic cultures and traditions, with a background in counselling, women's creative spirit facilitation and private practice as an oncology massage therapist,  Zenta brings over 20 years experience to her work - offered to both individuals and groups.

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