Comprised of 52 cards and an accompanying guidebook Lioness Light oracle deck is a divination deck and journey guiding us back into the radiant heart of our inner sovereignty as spirit embodied in matter - with each of the card illustrations and text drawn from 17 paintings created by Zenta over a period of six years.


Inspired by an encounter with a golden lioness and the imprints of spirit embedded within each of the oracle paintings Lioness Light oracle deck celebrates the re-awakening of the Solar Feminine as the Lioness Light within each of us.


About Zenta....

The experience of art as a form of prayer, invocation and living energy reaches back to the birth of rock art - humanity's most ancient signature of communion with the mystery of Creation - and it is from this realm my paintings have found their way.

First painting on stones, shaman drums and then eventually canvas, my relationship with painting has always been as an instrument for deepening into spirit.  Through entering what I term realms of the poetic and engaging with the visceral, physical act of creative process, I have come to experience that All that is Known is alive and present - available to impart its essence like honey flowing across the lands - knowing no boundary of time or place.


Distilled through this journey it is my Joy to inspire and celebrate our connection with  Creative Spirit - the gossamer thread and oracle within us all.

May all beings be held in the Light of Gold that is the Light of the Heart and may the light offered through the Lioness Light oracle deck inspire the Light that you are - as together we journey Home.

Alongside painting and writing Zenta has a 30 year background working with creative spirit approaches to healing incorporating shamanic drumming, trance postures and rhythmic dance. 

In recent years she has held a private practice as a Relaxation and Oncology Massage Therapist.

Zenta's work is thought provoking and mystical.  For readers who are looking for a deeper more profound experience her work will take them there.

Lynn V Andrews - New York Times and Internationally best-selling author of 21 books including the well-known Medicine Woman Serieslynnandrews.com

Lioness Light oracle deck cards are astonishingly beautiful and full of symbolism and mystery.

They are an invitation to explore our inner realms - holding universal truths with

poetic nuance and practicality.

Lorne Parker-Doyle - Author/Poet

Zenta is a wildly talented visionary artist who inhabits inner realms bringing through wisdom and initiation with her creations.

Jeremy Ball - founder of Transformational Tours.



Copies of the Lioness Light oracle deck and quality prints of each of the 17 paintings

that comprise the Lioness Light oracle deck are each available through my Store.

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Zenta also offers Personal Readings worldwide via Zoom.