Comprised of 52 cards and an accompanying guidebook Lioness Light oracle deck is a divination deck and journey guiding us back into the radiant heart of our inner sovereignty as spirit embodied in matter - with each of the card illustrations and text drawn from 17 paintings created by Zenta over a period of six years.

Transmitted through an encounter with a golden lioness and offered through the imprints of spirit embedded within each of the oracles Lioness Light oracle deck celebrates the re-awakening of the Solar Feminine as the Lioness Light within - and the journey of return to the heart of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Sacred Masculine....


The tradition and experience of art as a form of prayer and living energy reaches back to the birth of rock art - humanity's most ancient signature of communion with the mystery of Creation - and it is in this same spirit you will find woven through my paintings and the Lioness Light oracle deck emanations and transmissions spanning many mystery traditions -  from the voice of Ptah, consort to the lioness-headed goddess Sekhmet and one of the creator gods of the Ancient Egyptian Neteruto voices arising from the ancient lands of the San Bushmen,  Australia,  Greece and beyond.

In the words of the Lioness....

I am a sovereign being.  I walk before you and remind you that this that I am - you also are.  It is time to return to the natural state that is our shared truth - a truth that holds both suffering and joy without judgement and contraction.  We are still whole regardless.  This is the noble path we share and walk together - from which the gold of our light can shine and indeed be made even more radiant.  This gold is the true gold.  From the light of the Sun we are born and to the light of the stars we return.  Remember our shared sovereignty in union and as you do we are each liberated in Love.

Zenta's work is thought provoking and mystical.  For readers who are looking for a deeper more profound experience her work will take them there.

Lynn V Andrews - New York Times and Internationally best-selling author of 21 books including the well-known Medicine Woman Serieslynnandrews.com

Lioness Light oracle deck cards are astonishingly beautiful and full of symbolism and mystery.

They are an invitation to explore our inner realms - holding universal truths with

poetic nuance and practicality.

Lorne Parker-Doyle - Author/Poet

Zenta is a wildly talented visionary artist who inhabits inner realms bringing through wisdom and initiation with her creations.  I first met Zenta when a series of dreams and coincidences brought her to follow her vision of the White Lions and a calling to meet them in person.  The spirit of these ancestral beings beckoned her to their heartland in South Africa at Tsau - Global White Lions Protection Trust, founded by Linda Tucker.  The StarLions entered Zenta's spirit and a whole new visage of initiatory art came through her - art that she is now sharing with the world to bless and ignite spiritual passion.   

Jeremy Ball - founder of Transformational Tours.

Lioness Light oracle deck is a weaving of many gossamer threads and it is my joy to inspire the Lioness Light within your own sovereign and sacred life journey.

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Through my blog I also share excerpts of Breath of Ptah channeled transcripts and the Spectrum of Light Voices that Breath of Ptah holds space for - each of whom speak to the re-arising of the Ancient Divine Feminine.