First painting on stones, shaman drums and eventually canvas, my relationship with what I term entering the realms of the poetic – has always been an instrument for deepening into spirit. 

As in the tradition of rock art – humanity’s most ancient signature of communion and response to the mystery of Creation,  through the journey of creative process we enter a continuum that reveals that All that is Known is alive and present... available to impart its essence like honey flowing across the lands - knowing no boundary of time or place.

With the event of 2020 my paintings took further shape through the Lioness of Light Oracle - a divination deck of 52 cards created to accompany us in remembering our sovereignty in union - and the necessity of restoration of the Divine Feminine in balance with the Sacred Masculine.

Through the Lioness of Light Oracle we are guided back into the radiant heart of our own unique human journey and the experience of ourselves as spirit embodied in matter.

Aspects additionally embedded within Lioness of Light Oracle have been gifted through the presence of one whom announced himself as Breath of Ptah and the further Council of Voices who speak to the re-arising of the Ancient Feminine essential to this new Era.

It was only after the first unbidden experience of finding myself channeling the Breath of Ptah that I discovered and began to research Ptah's identity in Ancient Egyptian Lore - regarded as Creator, Father of the Gods, Lord of Resurrection and consort to Sekhmet - Lioness Goddess and Feminine Face of the Sun. 

As each session now unfolds I learn more and more of the way of the Gossamer Threads of Consciousness that seek to further awaken and offer themselves to us through all Time.

A few transcript excerpts of the channeled sessions are able to be read on my Blog page.

Alongside the imprints of spirit journey of painting and all that has arisen alongside it, Lioness of Light Oracle is the culmination of a body of work which includes 26 years’ experience as a Women’s Creative Spirit facilitator incorporating Shamanic Drumming, Bodhidance and Calm and Clear Relaxation - in addition to private practice as a relaxation and oncology massage therapist.  

Personal Sessions, Audio Meditations and quality prints of each of the 17 paintings that comprise the Lioness of Light Oracle are each available through my Store.

It will be with even greater joy I look forward to announcing availability of the Lioness of Light Oracle divination deck for purchase!

In the meantime you can go to my YouTube channel Zentaimprints to watch any or all of the Lioness of Light Oracle Within Journey LIVE Zoom replay sessions.


A truly remarkable achievement!  Artist and author Zenta Gabriell’s inspired creation of this powerful Lioness of Light Oracle deck activates our holy longing; a deep inner knowing and remembrance of our sovereignty.

The depth of sacred knowledge imbedded in each of these exquisite cards supports us in bringing about our liberation - the spiritualization of matter during this Leo/Aquarian Age.

Carley Mattimore, co-author of Sacred Messengers of Shamanic Africa: Teachings from Zep Tepi, the Land of First Time

Zenta carries the Imprint of Time before Time, of that time lost to our collective memories, when Australia and Africa were One, before the great divide of not only the land masses of our world, but the divide within our consciousness. 

A consciousness of separation that has sculpted the history of man as we know it and has led to many victories of creation, yet also the fall from grace – the forgetting of our origins that is our deepest collective soul wound.

Having journeyed alongside Zenta since her immersion into the mysteries of Africa, I have witnessed Zenta opening ever wider as that hollow bone, allowing messages of healing and guidance to come through.  In her willingness to put herself aside and to allow these messages and images to pass through her, she has become a source that I trust and recognize as pure and true.

Beyond their deceptively simple beauty, Zenta’s paintings carry deep symbolism and healing energy that tap into ancient origins clouded over by time.

It is Time, now, in our day and age, to bridge the ancient divides of man, to weave back together the scattered wisdom held by ancient cultures across the world, embedded within ancient sites and stories.  We are invited to do this work first for ourselves, and then with and for each other. 

Zenta’s paintings, seamlessly interweaving themes from Africa, Aboriginal Australia and beyond, show us how we could do this.  They invite us to journey to the depths we all hold within and allow the images to do their work there, reigniting the vast memory held within our DNA, of our ancestral lineage all the way back to the origin of man, all the way back to our purpose and calling, back to our true reason for being.

I believe that this deck of Lioness of Light Oracle cards created by Zenta is a true gift to humanity during these pivotal times. 

Marietta Van der Werff – Evolutionary Astrologer

Peacemaking and healing messages are pouring into the world from around the world of spirits and ancestors

in very powerful and many different ways.                                                                                         

Zenta’s way of painting is indeed one of the powerful spirit-given unique gifts she is using.  It is an ancient and powerful language rich in meaning that our modern world had forgotten.                 

Thank you, mama, for sharing this great medicine.

Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa – Peacekeeper, Lion Shaman & Healer, Zimbabwe, Africa.


Zenta is a beautiful Channeler – a very powerful and pure one.  And this is rare because it is hard to cast off attachments to the earthly physical aura & personality.  So it requires great commitment, which Zenta has. 

We have all come with a mission and Zenta’s mission has well and truly come forth.

Valerie Barrow – Author, Channeler & Soul Regressionist, Australia.

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