Background Story


770 days after the dream that inspired Lion of Judah, the High Sanusi Credo Mutwa, whose presence was embedded into the dream, passed at the age of 98, on 25th March 2020. 

Credo Mutwa, Great Wisdom Bearer, will be remembered in the hearts of many across the globe - while his Spirit soars free upon the LionLight Wings of which he was made.


Dream 14th Feb 2018


I am moving through the inside of a large vacent building. It is semi-dark. I find myself in a square room that at first I think is empty - except at the centre of the room suddenly manifest two huge, larger than life and utterly Resplendent White Lions - sitting motionless, side by side facing me.  The Lions are seated upon the ground and also raised slightly above it.


Their manes are massive halo’s glowing with Light – White Light such as I’ve never seen.

Fear moves through me, but I then realise I am singing to them...some kind of prayer or invocation, and am flying as I sing, toward and then past the White Lions.

I recognise we are energetically resonant/One.  There is no need for fear.


Now I find myself in a room diagonally behind the Lions. 

This room is rectangular in shape, more brightly lit and somehow more emotionally complex. 

I notice a few people present on the outer edges of the space.


There are again two Lions here.  One I don’t fully see...a smaller female - she is not fully present yet to my vison. 

At this moment my attention is directed upon the Great Golden Lion - laying like a Sphinx so I am witness to his entire body. He is huge, like a great Mythological Beast in the proportions and presence of his body.


I notice the lower part of his body, his belly, resting on the ground, has breasts or udders, almost like elephant breasts - swollen and heavy with both ‘milk’ and the weight/burdens of all that He/She carries and bears on behalf of All.  The Lion is both male and female.


I feel great grief and compassion for the dignity and forbearance of this Great Lion, this One who is like a Christ in Lion form - manifest on the physical and yet also on the metaphysical.  Lion of Judah.


When I wake Credo Mutwa, Africa’s great Keeper of Ancient Knowledge, comes immediately to mind - it is more of a physical sensation than a thought. 


I wonder about the female lion - I sense she will be revealed, or reveal herself, when the time is ready.  It is as if she is the future.

(Original Painting -  Acrylic on canvas -  100cm x 100cm. 2018)


Artwork / images are copyrighted © Zenta Zebergs, zentaimprints

Lion of Judah

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