Background Story


We Journey, She and I, carrying the light of the stars from which we are made, traveling pathways of sky and time.

A dream:  I am standing in a great hall when suddenly the ceiling opens and I am looking at the great night sky studded with a thousand stars.

From this shimmering vastness appears a horse, flying without wings, descending toward me.  She is of such massive proportions, muscular and strong, with feet like a great plough horse.  Close behind I notice a young foal, and above, far in the distance I see what must be other family members.  Waiting.  Watching.


As she lands beside me her invitation is to climb upon her back, ride with her and ascend into the Milky Way.  I know I would need to ride bareback.  I am afraid. What if I fall?  How could I possibly manage to stay upon her and ride through the stars.  If I fall, surely I will die. 

And so without words, I decline.
She and the foal journey back into the infinite sky.  I watch them go.

I wake from the dream filled with unspeakable grief.  I weep for my lack of courage.  How could I have refused such a gift, such an offer to ride through the Stars upon the back of this great benevolent being?

I pray that one day She will return.  That I will have the courage to ride with her.  To take the journey.  

Twenty-five years later, the dream as fresh in my heart as it was when first dreamed, I decide perhaps one way I can call her back, honour the gift she once offered, is to paint a vision of riding with her - as if I had first had the courage to say Yes.


(Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas - 90cm x 90cm. 2015)


Artwork / images are copyrighted © Zenta Zebergs, zentaimprints

Riding Skyhorse

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