Background Story


Within her eyes the Light still shines.  Her origins in the Stars.  We walk the Lands together.

On the morning 9th April 2016 I awake from the dream of lion.  A lion cub - sitting at the feet of a woman.  I kneel down to meet the lion’s eyes and it is as if we, the lion and I, are infused with memory of our Love and Belonging through another realm of time and space.  I am filled with profound emotion.  The lion cub is somehow both female and male and this seems completely natural.  

I have never dreamed of a lion before.  Nor considered them deeply.

From this day synchronicity upon synchronicity, gift upon gift unfolds, and a series of dreams of Africa, spread throughout the past twenty-five years, each dreamed as is this one, on a date that reduces to the number 22, awakens, activates, and leads me to take a journey I never imagined possible - to Africa - during this my 50th year, while in a life-cycle year number 22.  

The journey is titled ‘March of the Matriarchs’ - a pilgrimage through South Africa and Zimbabwe, travelling with the energies of the Meridian of First Time, connecting with the Ancients of Great Zimbabwe, listening to the voice of the Elephants of Gonarezhou and the spirit of the White Lions of Timbavati.

Welcome Home Mama” is the refrain heard over and over as I and the women I am journeying with are met again and again with the deep reservoir of spirit and ancient magnitude of Africa.  All this amidst a stark parallel reality of unimaginable suffering afflicting so many upon this land – both human and animal.

This is achingly reflected in the story of the White Lions of Timbavati - the place where the StarLions came down.  These sacred lions have been brought close to extinction through trophy hunting and the value of money over the right and freedom to live.


In the company of white lions that have been returned to freedom, once more able to roam their endemic homelands of Timbavati through the tireless work of Linda Tucker and the Global White Lion Protection Trust - I partake in ceremony on the lands of ancient time beneath the Baobab tree.  The presence of StarLion, dreamed and then painted prior to the trip, comes alive, and I find myself remembering Home through her starry eyes.


She calls out We share, each and all, Sovereign right of return to freedom. Remember!  The Infinite Heart of Creation moves within All!   Arise and be the Light within my eyes!

Her gaze holds and renews across grassy plains, continents, time and the nebula of constellations.

(Original Painting - Acrylic on canvas - 90cm x 90cm. 2016)


Artwork / images are copyrighted © Zenta Zebergs, zentaimprints


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