Light of Ptah...

Light of Ptah...

Over the next few blogs, I would like to share excerpts from transcriptions of the Voice of Ptah that have been part of my journey over this last year. But how did this begin?

These unexpected experiences began in the company of Valerie Barrow, whom I had gone to visit for the first time with the simple intent of connecting to a place of peace within.

In her graceful understated style Valerie facilitated my moving into an inner space that felt like peace indeed and after time spent blissfully resting here Valerie asked if I would like to connect with my oversoul. At the time I wasn't sure what exactly she meant by oversoul, but it felt a movement toward something that was of a greater whole - so I said Yes.

Immediately I found myself compelled to begin sounding or ‘singing’ extended vowels (which felt like some kind of spontaneous clearing rite) and when silence once more descended, in one swift moment something I had no previous context for occurred as every bone and sinew of my body felt like it was being taken hold of and re-shaped by a force I had absolutely no explanation for.

What began with my jaw involuntarily opening wider than seemed physically possible (I wondered whether it was going to dislocate) I was then taken into the visceral experience of myself as a mummified body (male) laying in a chamber deep underneath the earth in an open stone sarcophagus (no lid) - the wrappings around my body blue gray with age, so ancient as to be close to dust, with only my head and arms/hands free.

And yet I felt so strong and Awake.

Neither Valerie or myself were expecting such an event to occur, and until Ptah pronounced his name (at Valerie’s request) I did not know, nor did Valerie, who this One was that had journeyed me to the bones of his existence on the physical.

After an initial wave of fear, which brought with it the thought that perhaps I was having some kind of psychotic episode - when I allowed myself to move into sensing, with all my senses, the energetic of what was truly happening, I became present to a profound and seamless energy of Love.

Through this I was able to recognize that despite my personal self not having a context for this experience, it was not malignant, but had its source in a Presence of Light.

Neither Valerie or I was at the time familiar with Ptah and his identity as one of the ancient Egyptian neteru until through both his own telling and the information that over time began to manifest, bit by bit more of that which he seeks to bring forth I have begun to understand.

For those who may perceive the notion of channeling as simply absurd, delusional and dangerous even, I completely understand.

It is a wise guiding principle which counsels never to identify with that which passes through one.

We are only as clear as our consciousness allows and there is no One Truth, no One Reality other than Life living itself in an evolving continuum emanating from First Light! And we all share in that!

Whether ‘channeling’ that which resides within the universal stream of consciousness through the forms and mediums of listening to the voice of land, sky and water and the animals whose home we share, channeling through poetry, music, dance, art-making, writing, singing, meditation, dreaming or prayer - we live in a time capable of sharing and celebrating manifold voices and perspectives of Light, Insight and Inspiration.

For this radiance and diversity I have so much gratitude.

Mindful of keeping to the practice of discernment, my feeling is as long as something carries the energy of Love/Compassion with life-affirming intent, then the Law of Ma’at as the Divine Light of Creation is present.

As husband/consort to Sekhmet the Lionheaded goddess, Ptah is generally known in association for his role in the Opening of the Mouth ceremony and as One who, through first passing his Breath and Sound/Word through the Heart brings forth and manifests aspects of the Light of Creation.

His voice seems to be seeking to uplift and re-assure us that like honey spreading across the Lands we are moving into a time where he and many others are here for each of us as we move into a new sphere of evolution - The Golden Age - which has been gathering momentum as decreed since the beginnings of First Light.

Ptah’s voice belongs to us All - as we each bring forth the Light of our own Heart into greater consciousness and breathe the world awake once more with the gold that is the true source of our beingness.

And so, whilst conveying he has been Ever Present and Awake, yet also Asleep for a while… on 7th March 2018 Ptah’s first words I am Rising and Awakening again are words whose Light I would like to share more of over the next few weeks if you would like to join me. Aho!